Want to become a game designer? Well, first and foremost, you better be able to read and understand what is written on this website. It is in English and having the ability to understand, speak and write English is paramount in the game designing world. Why? Because English is the de facto language for games. Majority of the good development books are in English and so is the major customer base.

what is a game designer?

Now, what is a game designer?

Well, in simple terms there is no simple explanation. It is not a rigid designation. A game designer is not responsible for generating game ideas. He or she has to conceive and deliver games on a professional level. Thinking up an idea is just 1 to 5 percent of a game designer’s job. The rest is really challenging. Putting together a game right from concept to prototype and then finally for release is a long and arduous journey. As a lead game designer you are in charge of directing and maintaining a game’s general vision.

Now if you are still here reading then let’s move on to how you can make a simple game or rather what is required from you as a game designer.